Julie Jenner

Julie works relationally and somatically with the intricacies of embodied human relationship and Soul. She has a special interest in preconception, intrauterine and birth experience in relationship to oftentimes later layers of traumatic experience and recovery.

She honours the dance of the internalised multi-layered parts and parallel systems within a human being’s experience and works in partnership with them to meet and explore these unconscious needs, functions and meanings to liberate the person’s energy system for their deepest capacity for evolution, life and pleasure.


Integrative Body Psychotherapy is a depth psychotherapy.

Some short term work may be possible but many wish to receive help for longer to enable the depth of their experience to unfold and receive the experience they need in integrative body psychotherapy.

My fee is £70 per session of usually 1 hour.

My fee for couples therapy is £85 per session.

People find coming once or twice per week can be the most beneficial in their process.

I have a sliding scale of fees according to income.

I also have 2 low cost spaces for clients on a low income such as those in receipt of benefits.

Please ask if you are in difficulty.

For people interested in experiencing embodied relational group work I will be offering with a body psychotherapy colleague, an integrative body psychotherapy group called “Being Matters”.

This is a further place to explore being in a compassionately held authentic group exploring your embodied relationship with being you and being with others.

It’s a place to play, breathe and discover who you are and what you need in life.

Please contact me for more information.

Julie Jenner

Integrative Body Psychotherapist
Individuals, Couples and Groups.
UKAHPP, UKCP and EABP registered.
USABP associate.
Director of Ekgenesis Centre for Body Psychotherapy.
Tel: 07947-279843
Pronouns: she/her/hers