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Julie Jenner is an integrative body Psychotherapist helping people to connect to their deepest ‘essence’ in life. Many people are disconnected from their joy and pleasure in their bodies and relationships often because in early life events, it did not feel safe enough to fully express and discover the life force within. Sometimes these events occurred in the journey into life through conception and inutero experience which became imprints in ways of responding to our sensations and feelings particularly in relationships. Birth and early life experience can layer alongside this, as our Soul connection embodies whilst neurobiological development continues through infancy and childhood where we seek love and connection in our attachment experience with the human beings who care for us, both adults and sometimes siblings.

Often times those human beings carry their own wounds from the matrix of their early life and contemporary experiences and don’t manage to consistently provide the love and connection we need and so we manifest ways to protect our tender hearts and essential beingness. When we are frightened, hurt and overwhelmed we protect ourselves through contraction of our life energy both psychically and through our responses in our body tissues. We can also dissociate from our felt experience into the auric energy field and beyond.

Integrative Body Psychotherapy is a neurobiological and relational mind, body and spirit approach which is about repairing and healing these early experiences and others from our life’s trajectory alongside the contemporary challenges which may be manifesting in a person’s current life.

Julie Jenner also helps couples to evolve and rediscover each other in themselves and in the third entity of the relationship they co-create.

She also helps parents and others who care for infants, children and adolescents to resolve challenges creatively and reconnect to their love and joy in these relationships.

Julie Jenner has trained extensively in integrative body psychotherapy and trauma recovery. She brings exquisite tenderness, compassion, body of knowledge, skills, experience and resolute strength to helping people with diverse experiences to find freedom from fear so they may become fully themselves and so enjoy being co-creators of their life’s abundance, purpose, pleasure and joy.

Julie Jenner is director of the Ekgenesis Centre for Integrative Body Psychotherapy in Oxford which she founded in 2017.

She has a private practice in a tranquil location in North Oxford.

Julie Jenner

Integrative Body Psychotherapist
Individuals, Couples and Groups.
UKAHPP, UKCP and EABP registered.
USABP associate.
Director of Ekgenesis Centre for Body Psychotherapy.

Email: juliejennerpsychotherapy@gmail.com

Tel: 07947-279843

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Julie Jenner interview with Sophie Law on BBC Radio Oxford 18/8/19 at 8.15am.


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