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I am a trainee body psychotherapist with Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre (CBPC) preparing for registration with the UK Council for Psychotherapy.  I abide by the Ethical Codes of Practice of CBPC.

Body Psychotherapy was developed by Wilhelm Reich and later on others such as Gerda Boyesen who brought biodynamic psychotherapy to London in 1968.

I am developing experience in helping people discover their unique and wonderful capacity to be themselves and create satisfying relationships in their lives.

My journey exploring Spirituality and Psychology began when I was a child. I have a passion for helping people find joy and pleasure in their body and their relationships.

I work with the complexity of human experience in the relational, neurobiological and energetic phenomena of the holy ground of the therapeutic relationship. In discovering the language of the body in the present moment, we together complete previously interrupted developmental processes sometimes from before birth and beyond. I enable each person to discover that no matter how difficult things have been in life, new possibilities for love and connection are also continually present. Through compassionate and attuned attention to what is and what is needed now, transformation is possible and love and connection can be experienced and integrated into life now.

Often people come with suffering of anxiety, depression, illness, money, work or relationship worries, or a sense that their true self is not being met or expressed in life.

Sometimes people come because they are in pain with emotional and physical issues and are looking for a deeper approach to finding the interconnection between mind, body and spirit which can fully attend to their lived experience and can help them evolve.

Through many years of experience helping personally and professionally I have expanded my capacity to help people in complex situations in life, including those needing help with recovery from illness and complex trauma.

I have a long term commitment to ongoing personal development and increasing my skills.

In January 2017 I created the Ekgenesis Centre.  I am director of the Ekgenesis Centre (part of Ephemerides Ltd) and we provide information and services to our wider communities so everyone can benefit from this wonderful way of creating health and wellbeing.

If you would like to explore how I can help you please contact me to arrange a confidential initial session.

If we are right for each other and you like this way of working then we can arrange to meet weekly or fortnightly.  If you decide you’d like something different then I can support you to look at alternative options.

My fee is £60 per hour at my beautiful therapy room in Oxford.

I have a commitment to holding 2 weekly lower cost spaces for people on a very low income. Please ask if I can help you with this.





Tel: 07947-279843

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